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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Legends Reborn: The Light of Epertase series (book one) by Douglas Brown

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Rasi, a talented warrior and member of Prince Elijah's squad, may soon become a captain. However, he no longer wants the warrior lifestyle. He'd rather settle down with his pregnant wife for a little while and perhaps pick up a career a lot less death heavy.

Rasi's plan was to give up his title as a warrior some time after going to the royal family's meeting. Unfortunately, the shortcut he takes from the palace in an effort to quickly get back to his wife ends up completely changing everything. Rasi hears a commotion. At first he just thinks it's a bunch of drunken men until he hears a girl being harmed. He tries to save her; he tries to defeat the captors.

It does not go as planned. Rasi opens his eyes and learns two things: 1.) his tongue is gone and 2.) he is not only being framed for the rape and murder of the girl, but his punishment is to die fighting a seven-tentacled beast. Here, Rasi's talent as a warrior gets him through - though barely - and the seven tentacles jump from the Rashta to him.

His escape seems for naught. He has nowhere to return to and nothing to keep him going but revenge...well, until he meets Princess Alina many years later.

I thought the story would be about Rasi and his revenge. However, with the introduction of Alina comes the introduction of the Light and the coming war with the Teks. The Light's role is to decide when the throne should be passed from elder to heir. However, on the day of change, the Light can be stolen if Alina is killed. The Teks, a steampunk civilization, are just out to conquer worlds and acquire more oil, and Epertase happens to be next.

Douglas Brown did a great job describing battles and plans, and the bits of humor here and there got a smile out of me. He's a a great writer, in that I could usually imagine everything he described and his sentences flowed together. However, I couldn't really connect with the characters. Prince Elijah's corruptness (I don't understand what he has against Rasi), Rasi and Alina's fairly quick relationship, even some of Rasi's actions...sometimes the only purpose I could see was moving the plot forward.

For me, the story especially picks up when the Teks started invading. At this point, the focus was less on characterization and more on the war (which was well-written and an enjoyable read).

Still, I have faith in Brown's storytelling skills and writing ability and I know for certain that he gets a better grasp of characterization the more he writes. How awesomely realistic the characters in Tamed were proves this. I recommend Legends Reborn for anyone interested in fantasy, steampunk, and battles.

Due out August 1, 2012

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David N Alderman

You had me at Steampunk. This sounds like an interesting read. I've seen the cover of the book floating around for quite some time now - I recognize it easily because of the tentacles coming out of the characters back. And I'd be interested to see how he fares with the battle scenes. I know those can be the toughest to write sometimes.


I am interested to read this book to see if I agree with the reviewer on "not connecting with the characters". Perhaps a different reader will see it differently. I am also very intrigued by how the battle scenes will be described.

katja9_10 at hotmail dot com


Yeah, that's the thing about be being a reviewer. It's so totally subjective. That's why my reviews, even when I don't like something, are never predominantly negative. Because I know that there's a chance that what I didn't like, another reader may.


I liked the reiew. Especially the part about light, however I want to see if a differnt reader woud have a different view.

jaynep140 at gmait dot com