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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sacrifice by Dakota Banks

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Enjoy the review. I hope you find it helpful.


Once upon a time, Maliha Crayne was just a late 16th century wife and soon-to-be mother. Very humble beginnings for what and who she'd later become - an immortal and powerful slave and executioner, her master a ruthless demon.

Centuries later, Maliha Crayne is a popular writer, an archaeological and geographical expert, billionaire times three with powerful connections, and, most importantly, an executioner only on her own terms. Now Maliha's main goal is to fully break apart from the demon and defeat the most powerful of the bunch, possibly saving mankind, by accounting for the deaths of those she killed and gathering powerful shards.

But, on the way to completing this journey, other battles fight for Maliha's attention, battles that take her all over, both physically and emotionally. On the one hand, there's Jake, her boyfriend of a couple months with a past too foggy for Maliha to decide what to trust. On the other, there's Lucius, a current demon slave and executioner wavering between which side he's on. The biggest emotional battle for Maliha, though, is the one within. To win, she has to revert to the tactics she used as a demon slave, but without falling prey to that lifestyle again. Easier said than done.

There are so many battles to be fought. Can she conquer them all and remain herself in the end?

Sacrifice has various layers and sub-plots. This can be a double-edged sword. While it makes the plot and characterization more complex and thorough, giving each sentence great value, it can also trip readers up. The layers always connect; sometimes, though, you have to really concentrate to make sure you don't get too wrapped up in a sub-plot and lose sight of the main plot.  The details about weaponry, geography, technology, battle tactics, etc. really made me respect the author and her level of research. In spite of how much is explained, it never feels like info-dumping.

Last, but not least, romance and characterization. There are a lot of interesting characters in the story, different ages and genders and power types, and it's all very well done. As in, realistic. I never got the impression that these people weren't real. As far as romance goes, Maliha is a sexy woman of power, so lust and love can be expected. I like how the romance never entirely feels solid. Someone who has been alive for centuries is expected to have had many flings and issues with commitment regardless of how strong the emotions are. Maliha definitely does.

In all, I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in action, geography, romance, sub-plots, demons, depth of characterization, and skilled writing.
The first book in the Mortal Path series. 

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I've read both books and agree with what you are saying. Most UF doesn't have as much detail about the technical aspects (weapons) as this series does. It was a nice change from what I normally read. I also like the fact that it is a woman immortal in the role usually given to male heroes. I am a fan and look forward to the next in the series. Thanks for the review and give away!

Tiffany T. Cole

And thanks for commenting! I'm still yet to read the first, but I may at some point (depending on if I can get my hands on it. I have a bad habit of reading and reviewing books out of order, but I've been fortunate to review the books of authors who don't make this a confusing venture).


I really look forward to reading this book. I enjoy reading books about demons. I like that it seems to have a love triangle in the story.



I love that maliha can kick ass, and not a helpless female. Thanks for the giveaway and review! Kayk118(at)yahoo(dot)com

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews

Great review! She is absolutely all that. Maliha always reminded me of supernatural Indiana Jones considering all her adventures :)
impy80 at hotmail dot com

Rabid Fox

Striking a balance between the action and romance can be tough, if some UF is any indication. Good to know Banks has things well in hand. Also glad to hear the technical aspects don't feel like infodumps, because that always sucks me out of a story.

Carla Coco

Awesome review! I am looking forward to reading this series. I am totally in love with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters and this seems like it would be an amazing series to read. Thanks for entering me in the give away and for posting the review.


"Dakota Banks" by any other name is still as sweet! She comes through for us once again - you can count on that!

Mike Redmond

This is a fascinating inquiry and complex storyline. I'm in on this one.


I will be adding Sacarfice to me TBR pile... I love that it has romance but not a solid relationship. It means there will be more concentration on the character instead of a budding romance, which i love!



Wow, I'm thrilled and amazed at all these comments!

@Alicia: I also enjoy books about demons. The good thing about the love triangle is that it actually IS hard to decide who she'll choose, and if she'll even choose either of them. This makes it more realistic and less soap opera.

@Cate: Yeah, reading about the damsel-in-distress who needs a hero to save her can get tiring to read about. I loved reading about how she kicked ass.

@Kara: That's an interesting way to view it! I still need to learn more about Indiana Jones.

@Rabid: Oh yeah. A lot of research has to go into a story like that, and authors very often get obsessed with the research and want to prove how much they've learned. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that, but it has to be in moderation.

@Carla: I'm in love with it too! I read the majority, if not all, of the Dark-Hunter series. I'd like to continue with the Nick series.

@Cindi: I bet she'd be glad to hear that! I'm still new to her work.

@Mike: It is complex. I read a lot of contemporary genre fiction, and I've come to notice that complexity isn't really a focus point. This story was a pleasant surprise.

@Mary: I know what you mean! Ever since I've gotten in a relationship, I've been more into romance stories, whereas I used to hate them all. Still, though, I like for the romance to not take the story over.

Jacqueline C.

I've read Mortal Path and loved it for much of the same reasons you've listed. The mythology was unique and interesting and Maliha is a very strong character. I also love the level of weaponry detail - it makes other UF stories (with their non-descript daggers, swords and guns) pale in comparison.


night owl in IL

That's a pretty good review (I'm not good at writing them). It sounds like quite an envolved UF story that's certainly not a light, quick read. The heroine sounds very powerful and the cover helps to reflect that.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}


Kick butt and then some, I think that fighting demons is hard enough, but for centuries. Sounds like a book I might enjoy. Thanks lisapeters at yahoo dot com thanks Lisa


Love maliha! She is good fighter and friend. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks. Kayko118(at)yahoo(dot)com


Thanks for the giveaway! I'm not familiar with the author but your review really made me interested--so many UF/PR novels focus on action and romance to the exclusion of language and character development!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com


IDK how i feel about all the subplots but I think for this book it could work out great!


I find the idea of having to battle even with your own nature very intriguing.
I'd like a chance to win this book, thanks for the giveaway.

dany7578 at hotmail dot com


Liked the first in the series, and hoping to win the second, though if need be, I WILL buy it. It's all about supporting our favorite authors!