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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Contest A Flop...

Here's the honest truth. Not sugarcoated or anything. Remember Triple R's First Big Book Giveaway Contest?

It was a total flop, with little to no participation and no entries at all. :/

I didn't waste any time being depressed or angry about this. These days, definitely since I've been learning more about myself thanks to the help of a special certain someone, I've been more willing to take a deep breath and think, "It's not the end of the world when things don't work out. Just breathe, think, and handle it."

With my contest and it's massive failure, I have to take the things below into account. I'm not sure I'll be doing another one of these contests for a while:
  • Lasted too long.
  • Not enough coverage, even though I tried to put the link to the contest in every post and had event pages in multiple places.
  • My presence and Triple R's presence is not strong enough.
  • Too many details.
So, how many of you out there tried to manage something big, like a contest or a collection or a site or whatever, and just watched it totally not work out in the end? What do you think were the reasons that made it not work out? Are you willing to try again?



I ran a very successful book give-away.

Here's what you had to do to win the book:

Comment on the blog post.

That's it. Just comment. No sign-up, no nothing. Book mailed anywhere in the world. Just comment on the contest post, which was a book review.

This was wildly popular. The author whose book I was giving away talked about it on his blog. His agent picked it up. Soon I had many people all over the world stopping by and reading my review.

In my humble opinion, the best contest is the one where one simply enters it will little effort.


Well, you had to comment and THEN I had to draw your name out of a random list.



Thanks for your reply! Yeah, that makes sense. I know, for one, that I also like simple contests, and many of the books laying around my room come from contests like that.

The problem was where I modeled this contest - off of what the review site Bitten By Books does. But, I have to remember, they're a really large site with credibility and a dedicated following. I'm not there yet. Hell, I may never be there. I'm not sure how big Triple R will get, nor do I know what I would do if it got too big anyway.


Just some more observations: I would assert my blog is low traffic. Sometimes it has high traffic, but not usually.

I also have been working on my network a little longer than you (you were 15!). However I believe you probably have just as wide a net as I do.

There are probably other factors in play, such as timing and what else is going on. But yeah, when you have a dedicated blog following, the dynamic changes that's for sure.

It's good to try things!


Yeah, the network is important, and when I was 15 and working on a forum, I didn't really care for a network. I wanted the site to be small and homey. However, now I'm branching into wanting a more active site.

I plan on sticking with this site diligently for at least five years. I'm hoping that, in time, things can really pick up AND I can get a better hold of what it means to be the admin of a book reviewing/guest appearance site.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

I'm really sorry it flopped. I think Anthony has a good point about simple. I've noticed the more simple the better. Every time.

I thought I had entered, though...did I? I know I sent you a receipt thing.