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Reader's Den is currently in hibernation. Since I now only write book reviews for publications and other review websites, I will no longer be updating this site. However, there are 45+ reviews here and some great guest posts/interviews, so I'll keep this site alive for as long as I can just to keep the content online. Thanks for visiting! If you want to know what I'm currently up to, you can find me at my personal blog or at Editorial Assistance.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interview Clause and Wonderful Updates

So, if you go to my 'Guest Appearance Guide,' there's a new clause on interviews:

"I have an interview clause, meaning that I can only interview published authors whose book(s) I have reviewed. I won't interview you otherwise. I'd like to stick with my three-topic interviews, and 'Novel-Specific' is the first topic."

Previously, I told anyone who'd asked to be interviewed on Triple R that I didn't allow it. I did this for two reasons in particular:

1.) I have no idea why, but this website's coding doesn't allow me to do bold and normal font. I have to sit here for hours and get everything just right or the words will reorder themselves or delete. In due time, I plan to get a new site design, since I sorta feel like this one is pretty bland.

2.) I was terrified to do interviews. I used to interview people when I was an editor for my school newspaper, and we used the same questions each time. As thus, I never felt like any interview I typed up could ever be fun.

See, this is where that picture of author J.S. Chancellor above makes sense. When she told me that my interview had the most fun and original questions she'd ever been asked, I felt a little more confident in my interviewing abilities and changed the clause. Her interview will be posted here and much advertised on April 23, 2011! ^_^

That also explains why author Michelle Davidson Argyle didn't appear on Triple R the date previously assigned - March 12, 2011. This is currently a very busy time for her and, since Cinders is number 8 on my Upcoming Book List, I offered to interview her after I've reviewed the book, when she fits the criteria. I can't wait to see what questions I think up for her as well as what her answers will be. If you've actually read and reviewed a book, interviews can be pretty fun to write.

Also, Also, April and May are already completely filled with guest appearances, but I'll save my happiness about that for another post.
General Updates

  • Florida Gothic Stories: I am currently on page 160 out of 225 and on my 8th short story. This is the first time I've ever reviewed a short story collection. Previously, in my Book Review Explanation, I said that I didn't review collections because I didn't know how, but I'm slowly learning. And it's not that bad! (By that, I mean my process of reviewing the short stories isn't bad and the stories aren't either). However, I'll let Suspense Magazine be the judge of that and my Triple R readers as soon as I'm given permission to post the review.
  • Variance Publishing: They appear next, on March 19th. They're the first guests on Triple R to offer a book giveaway contest at the end. I'm excited about that! If you want free books directly from an awesome publishing house, this should be exciting for you as well. Keep a watch on them. Speaking of book giveaway contests to look out for...
  • Triple R's First Big Book Giveaway Contest: The end date for my book giveaway contest is March 31st. Info will be posted at the bottom. Please participate!
  • Freebie Packages: Every Friday, I let Triple R readers know about things free in the writing world that I've stumbled upon while web surfing. The freebie's coming up this Friday and next Friday, courtesy of Variance Publishing and Rhemalda Publishing, will point you to lots of free things from them and their authors.

Do you want the opportunity to get a section of your short story/novel edited and critiqued as well as win books that you get to choose from the 52 offered? Click the link below to figure out how you can participate.


Michelle Davidson Argyle

I can't wait for you to read CINDERS! And to do an interview. It will be fun. :)


It WILL be fun! I was excited to interview Breanne, and I'll be excited to interview you as well, but I want to do a damn good job of it.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

It will rock. :)