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Reader's Den is currently in hibernation. Since I now only write book reviews for publications and other review websites, I will no longer be updating this site. However, there are 45+ reviews here and some great guest posts/interviews, so I'll keep this site alive for as long as I can just to keep the content online. Thanks for visiting! If you want to know what I'm currently up to, you can find me at my personal blog or at Editorial Assistance.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Explaining My Book Review Preferences

So, in my helpful, but long-winded Book Review Explanation, I go to great pains to make it clear that I don't read  'poetry, literary fiction, erotica, or children's books' and that 'I don't prefer short story collections.' The actual reasons why are as much about me still trying to better my reviews as they are about my reading preferences. Triple R is, btw, a general reviewing site. It's not dedicated to any one genre, though you'll see quite a lot of horror/supernaturals. Generally, I'll read almost anything capable of holding my attention past five minutes, no matter the form. However, that doesn't mean I would have any idea how to go about reviewing said piece. Here, I'll just explain why.

  • Short Story Collections: When I first started Triple R, short story collections was also something I refused to review. I love reading short story collections, and I have a few short story collections on my shelf worn from all the rereading. But I'm not too certain yet how to review a short story collection. Still, it seemed silly to deny short story collections, since I already have two short story collections on the Upcoming Book List.
  • Poetry: Honestly, I don't quite grasp poetry, nor do I much care for it. I don't understand poetry well enough to offer any type of credible opinion or review about one. I'm not downing poetry at all, but it's not for me, is all.
  • Literary Fiction: Whether or not I'll review literary fiction is similar to my feelings for short story collections and is, to be honest, conditional. I love reading literary fiction. I love the focus on characterization and style as opposed to plot, like in contemporary/genre fiction. If said literary fiction doesn't digress too far into style and flowery, archaic prose, I'll review it with no problem. It's like how Cinders by Michelle Davidson Argyle is literary fiction disguised as fantasy, but I'm comfortable with Michelle's writing style and don't really mind.
  • Erotica: I have nothing against sex, not in reality or with books. In books, I think it's a good way to show characterization and is, furthermore, pretty natural for humans. However, with erotica, all the sex distracts me from the actual plot, and I sometimes start to feel like it is simply detracting from the story. Whether I'll review an erotica is conditional. If the story is good outside of the erotic scenes, and the eroticism isn't too intense for my liking, then I may still read it.
  • Children's: By children's, I don't mean Harry Potter or the Graveyard Book. I mean little kid books, like picture books and pop-ups. I have no idea how I could review material like that.
P.S. On another note, there have been some updates to Triple R! I changed the news up above and added a publicity link to the side. I also have a long to-do list of ways I plan on improving Triple R. Please, stay for the ride, where a newsletter and a book giveaway contest can be expected somewhere down the line. =D


Michelle Davidson Argyle

I think it's great how you outline this here. Your reasons are sound to me! I'm sure Cinders won't be too literary for you. It's pretty straightforward, just lyrical.


Thanks for the very first comment outside of myself! =D Actually, when I took that sneak peek look at Cinders way before I should have, it took a lot of willpower for me to stop reading so I wouldn't get wrapped up in your book over the one I was supposed to be reading at the time for the upcoming book list. >.< I like lyrical when it doesn't switch over into the territory of totally distracting and unclear.

Michelle Davidson Argyle

Tiffany, your site is really nice. I think with some patience and work you'll build something really great here. :)


Oh, I certainly hope things really pick up for Triple R soon! I'm glad you think it's nice. I guess because I'm constantly here, updating and staring at the site, I keep finding fault everywhere, even where there isn't. >.<